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  Nafees Nastaleeq Google Transliteration Engine
  Nafees Riqa Online
  Nafees Naskh Installer (Choose Urdu from the list (in the drop down box on the right), download and install)
  Nafees Web Naskh  
  Nafees Tahreer Naskh CLE Urdu Mobile Keyboard
  Nafees Pakistani Naskh CLE Urdu Keyboard for Android Based Devices
  Nafees Pakistani Web Naskh  
    CRULP Urdu Phonetic Keyboards
  Urdu Games   CRULP Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout v1.1 for Windows
  Hangman   CRULP Urdu Phonetic Keyboard (2L) Layout v1.0 for Windows
  Flip Words  
  WordScram CRULP BTK Phonetic Keyboards
      CRULP Burushaski Phonetic Keyboard Layout v1.0 for Windows
      CRULP Torwali 2 Level Keyboard Layout    [New]
      CRULP Khowar 2 Level Keyboard Layout    [New]

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    OSS Localization
    SeaMonkey Urdu Language Pack
    Windows Installer for Urdu NVu
    Urdu Localization Terminology Glossary
    Phonetic Keyboard and Fonts Package
    Urdu Typing Package & Guide