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  Hangman Game (Urdu) v1.0 beta  

This is an urdu version of the classic word puzzle in which a hidden word in urdu diction is to be revealed. The game opens with showing some dashes representing letters in the hidden word. The player guesses a letter by clicking the corresponding letter on the Grid. If the player guesses a letter that is included in the secret word, the underscores will be substituted everywhere it appears in the word. If the player guesses all the letters in the word, the player will win that round.

Every failed attempt at guessing a letter that is included in the secret word draws a part of the Hangman (head, eyes, nose, body, arms, legs) in the left-hand panel of the GUI. Once all nine parts of the Hangman have been drawn, the player loses the round and have to start again. The player also has the option to select the category and difficulty level. In two players mode, first player has to select the word and the other has to guess it or vice versa.

  The Hangman v1.0 requires Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0  
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Hangman Game (Urdu) v1.0 beta