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  Nafees Pakistani Naskh v2.01 beta  

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Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP) at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences announces the beta release of character-based Nafees Pakistani Naskh Font for writing Urdu, Balochi, Pashto, Punjabi, Sindhi and Saraiki in Naskh script. The Nafees Pakistani Naskh Font is the extension of Nafees Naskh. This font is developed according to calligraphic rules, following the Lahori style of Syed Nafees Al-Hussaini (Nafees Raqam), who is one of the finest calligraphers of Pakistan. Guidance and calligraphy of basic glyphs for the font has been provided by Syed Jameel-ur-Rehman. He is pupil of Syed Nafees Shah and Hafiz Syed Anees-ul-Hassan. Nafees Pakistani Naskh OTF contains approximately 750 glyphs, including less than 10 ligatures. This font is operable on all platforms supporting OTF specifications. This work has been partially funded through Localization R&D Grant by Microsoft Pakistan and Small Grants Program by IDRC, APDIP UNDP and APNIC.

**OTF is not supported by Windows 98 or below.

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  Nafees Pakistani Naskh v2.01 beta Release Notes License  
  Nafees Pakistani Naskh v2.01 beta (VOLT project) Release Notes License  
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