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  Urdu Localization Terminology Glossary  

The Urdu Localization Terminology Glossary is the glossary being developed and used at CRULP by the Pan Localization Project Pakistan Country Component team for the localization of open source software. It is based on the Electronic Dictionary of Localization of Computer Applications (English-Urdu), 2005 by the Center of Excellence for Urdu Informatics, National Language Authority, Islamabad (Pakistan) . Other resources used in the development of this glossary include:

Existing localized open source software:
Mozilla Urdu Language Pack
OpenOffice, FireFox & Thunderbird (for Urdu-India)

Online technical terminology translations:
Urdu Word Bank
Urdu Dictionary

All major English to Urdu translation dictionaries have also been consulted in the process, e.g. Qaumi English-Urdu Dictionary published by National Language Authority of Pakistan.

For more details about the glossary, please see the localization process report.

The glossary is available online and also in the form of a tab delimited, utf-8 encoded text file. This glossary is updated regularly.

  Online Urdu Localization Terminology Glossary  
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  Urdu Localization Terminology Glossary (tab delimited, utf-8 encoded text file)  
  Updated: February 07, 2008.  
  License Details:  

A major portion of this glossary is based on the Electronic Dictionary of Localization of Computer Applications (English-Urdu) developed by the National Language Authority. The complete glossary is available here but the part of the glossary that is derived from the NLA is under NLA copyrights, and terminology translations that have been added by our team are released under the Creative Commons License.

The tags "NLA" and "EXT" are used in both the released forms to differentiate between translations taken from the NLA (NLA) dictionary and those added by the team (EXT).