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4th – 20th April, 2011 at APWA Provincial Headquarter Punjab, Lahore

Digital Storytelling is an effective technique of developing documentary style stories having a strong emotional element by narrating experiences using digital tools. This approach is being widely advocated by national and international civil society organizations to women survivors of violence, for healing, self expression, and developing mutual bonds with others.

Following this motivation, the digital storytelling workshop being conducted through the Subh-e-Nau project, aims to capacity build women survivors of violence to develop digital stories. This program focuses empowerment of women by using ICTs, for self expression and communication with others. The workshop is being facilitated by Ms. Raheela Parveen, Ms. Huda Sarfraz and Ms. Sana Shams from CLE- KICS, UET, Lahore. Day wise details regarding the progress of the workshop is presented below.

Digital Storytelling Workshop Day 1 [4th April 2011]  
On the first day of the Digital Storytelling Workshop, participants were introduced with the project and digital storytelling competition being organized through the Subh-e-Nau project. A postcard making competition, theme "My Story (آپ بیتی)" was organized as an ice-breaker activity to familiarize the participants amongst each other and warm them up for the story circle discussion in the following day. At the end of the post card making exercise, participants were asked to interpret the messages conveyed through the drawings. This resulted in a highly energetic discussion, and a first and runner's up prize was given by the Chairperson, APWA, Mrs. Ruhi Sayid to the two best entries, voted by the participants themselves.

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Day 1
Digital Storytelling Workshop Day 2 [5th April 2011]  
The story circle was held on the second day of the workshop. Participants warmed up for the task by viewing and discussing two digital stories in the plenary. The story circle proceeded first with some participants noting down the key ideas that they wanted to present in their digital stories. Every participant then took a turn to describe their story to the group followed by feedback on the story from the facilitators and the workshop participants.

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Day 2
Digital Storytelling Workshop Day 3 [6th April 2011]  
Participants developed the first and the second draft of their story scripts during the third day of the workshop. The workshop commenced by concluding the story circle held on Day 2. This involved finalization of the story ideas for those who could not complete their stories on the previous day. The participants actively contributed in this session by helping each other in shaping up the story by identifying unique turning points in their lives to narrate their personal stories of change. This discussion was followed by a presentation on important guidelines in script writing. Every participant then completed a rough and a first draft of their script developed with frequent feedback from the facilitators.

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Day 3
Digital Storytelling Workshop Day 4 [11th April 2011]  

Participants finalized their story scripts on the fourth day of the training. This day was additionally spent in reviewing and completing the story scripts as a strong storyline is necessary to develop a meaningful story. A free online computer game called "Sheepish" was also played by the participants as an ice breaker activity during the workshop. The participants were excited and played it very enthusiastically. Senior Vice Chairman of National APWA, Dr. Sabiha H. Sayyed, also graced the fourth day of this workshop with her honorable presence.

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Day 4
Digital Storytelling Workshop Day 5 [12th April 2011]  

Participants developed their story boards on the fifth day of the workshop. They clearly identified the audio and visual material that had to be linked with each of the script line. The same day they were also provided a tutorial on searching content on the Internet. Most of the participants started using the Internet for searching relevant material online on the same day.

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Day 5
Digital Storytelling Workshop Day 6 [13th April 2011]  

Based on the finalized storyboards, participants continued collecting the required audio and visual elements that they had linked with their script. Participants very enthusiastically brought their personal pictures, drew sketches to depict the situations and searched on the Internet for the required content to make their digital story more effective.

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Day 6
Digital Storytelling Workshop Day 7 [18th April 2011]  

Participants were trained to use online communication tools on the 7th day of the workshop. These included training participants to access email accounts, view, read and write emails. Following the introductory tutorial on using emails, participants were introduced to the online group formed for the Subh-e-Nau project participants to exchange information amongst themselves. Participants were excited to use the new tools and they discussed email functions with each other. The same day they were also provided a tutorial on movie making.

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Day 7
Digital Storytelling Workshop Day 8 [19th April 2011]  

Participants started to upload images and voices in the movie maker to complete their movie. They were taking feedback from facilitators on movie editing process and in the meantime were exploring the operations of the movie maker. Participants were carefully assembling images with voice. Each participant had completed movie before the end of the day. They asked facilitators and fellows to review their stories critically in order to improve their story.

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Day 8
Digital Storytelling Workshop Day 9 [20th April 2011]  

On the basis of critical response from fellows and facilitators, participants attentively watched their movies for review and feedback. They updated their movies accordingly. On the same day, a post card activity was also conducted in which every participant, participated very enthusiastically by drawing sketches that depicting some message. They performed this activity with an affirmative smile on their face.

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Day 9
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