As a contribution towards this campaign of reclaiming information communication technology (ICT) control, the project aims to empower the women survivors of violence by providing them skills in using technology for self expression creating platforms and opportunities for women and girls to critically engage with ICTs to combat violence, and as survivors of violence, to contribute towards self and collective healing.
In order to achieve the above objectives women survivors of violence will be provided necessary technological training to be able to perform the following:

  • Develop Digital Stories about violence against women (VAW) incidents
  • Able to write blog posts for self expression
  • Able to connect with VAW activist and agents for prompt reporting and assistance
  • Able to network with other women survivors of violence, thus becoming a part of a strong community representing activists working to combat VAW through strategic use of ICTs

The project aims to design and organize an intense training specifically customized for empowering women survivors of violence by equipping them with the necessary ICT tools to voice their stories and for self healing.  Specifically women survivors of violence will be trained on the following:

  • General Computer Usage (log in, log off, and general word processing)
  • Digital Stories’ Development
    • Conceptualizing and Narrating Stories
    • Story Boarding
    • Image Creating using multimedia tools (Digital Cameras, Picture editors, etc.)
    • Audio Production (using sound recorders, audio editing software, etc.)
    • Movie Editing and Production
  • Developing Blog Posts for self expression
  • Creating online communication networks for consolidating their agency

The project aims to train the participants on free and open source software (where available) for developing digital stories, blogs and online discussion boards.  Necessary support for developing content in native language for digital story development, blog post creation and text typing for online communication will be provided.  It is believed that the stories developed through the workshop would be instrumental in creating strong awareness and a rising urge for safety from VAW.






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