Digital Storytelling Workshop [April 2011]  
From 4th April, 2011 the digital story telling workshop has started at APWA, Provincial Headquarter Punjab, Lahore, facilitated by CLE staff. For more details click here
Digital Storytelling Workshop
Mock Digital Storytelling Workshop [March 2011]  
In order to develop digital stories for the training of the participants in Digital Storytelling Workshop, a mock digital storytelling workshop was conducted at CLE, KICS, UET Lahore, in March 2011. Two resource person of CLE participated in the workshop from each gender. They developed their stories during the workshop based on their experiences. 
Training Needs Assessment of Women Survivors of Violence [February 2011]
A needs assessment study for digital storytelling workshop of women survivors of violence was conducted at APWA Punjab Headquarters Lahore, in February 2011. This study presents data on the trainees’ age, education, ICT competency, language competency, availability and commuting constraints.

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Training Need Assessment
Lab Setup at APWA [January 2011]
A computer lab was established at APWA Punjab Headquarters Lahore where the digital storytelling workshop will be conducted.  The lab facilities will remain available for women survivors of violence and will enable them to participate in online networks. The facilities will also be available for APWA to conduct similar trainings in the future.

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Computer Lab
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