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  Valid Ligatures of Urdu  
  Release Notes  

In 1980 Mr. Ahmad Mirza Jamil has invented a ligature based Nastaleeq writing system. He has written about 18,000 valid ligatures of Urdu and developed a Noori Nastaliq font. Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP) is releasing a soft copy of these ligatures in Unicode format. CRULP has extensively used these ligatures for testing the fonts developed at the center and realised that it will be a valuable resource for other font developers. These ligatures are grouped in 2 to 8 characters and are sorted in the end character order.

These ligatures have been copied from a "Noori Nastaliq computerised Urdu calligraphy (list of ligatures)" calligraphically designed and compiled by Ahmad Mirza Jamil, Elite Publishers Limited, Karachi.

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Valid Ligatures of Urdu