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  Urdu Grammar  

Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP) is pleased to release Urdu grammar analysis for English to Urdu Machine Translation System. The documents contain the description, analysis and examples of the grammar rule and parts of speech used in the grammar.

The work has been supported by the E-Government Directorate, Government of Pakistan through Urdu Localization Project, and is available with this License.

  Urdu POS Documents v1.0  
  Urdu Grammar Documents v1.0  
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  Parts Of Speech  
Adjective Coordinate Conjunction Noun Tense Auxiliary
Adverb Demonstrative Pronoun Ordinal Verb
Aspectual Auxiliary Genitive Pronoun Postposition Verbal Modifier
Cardinal Intensifier Pronoun Verbal Noun
Case Marker Light Verb Quantifier Wala
Comma Nominal Preposition Subordinate Conjunction  
  Grammar Rules  
AdjP NomPP RelClause VerbalPhay
AdjPmain NP S VerbalPpassive
A_AdvP NPnoun Sdec VerbalPpred
ComplexP NPnoun_deprecated Simp VPhay
DeverbalVP NPpronoun Sint VPinf
GP NPmain Scomp VPmodal
GPmain NumberP Sconj VPnonperf
KarP N_AdvP S_Adjunct VPperf
KP PP TenseAuxP VPraha
Kpmain PPmain VerbalP WP
KPP QuantP VerbalPchahiye  
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