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  Hindi to Urdu Transliterator  
  Release Notes  

1. The program is based on mapping Hindi characters to their corresponding Urdu characters. For this release Urdu Lexicon (word list) has not yet been provided due to which the application may fail to identify the precise Urdu characters whenever there are more than one Urdu characters for one Hindi character. A few examples for such a limitation is given below:
(a). The character त (ta) in Hindi has two equivalent characters ت (tay) and ط (toein) in Urdu, however, the program maps ت (tay) onto त (ta) whenever it encounters it.
(b). The devanagari character ज़ (za) for which there are ز(zay), ض(zoad), ذ(zal) and ظ(zoin) characters, but the program uses ز (zay).

In addition to this there are few other cases like this.

2. The Arabic vowels in the transliterated Hindi text are also not correct at certain points. For example, you may see ع instead of الف at a few places
(for example, the word मालूम (maaloom) is transliterated as مالُوم). Other such vowel conflicts occur between و and ‎ؤ ,
الف and
ہ etc.

3. It is important to note that the software is a transliteration (and NOT translation) software, hence it will not translate hindi words to urdu, infact it will only change the script.

4. The software has been tested for window XP only and may or may not work on windows 2000. However, it will surely not work on earlier versions of windows.

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