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  English to Urdu Machine Translation System  

This English to Urdu Machine translation system translates English text into Urdu. It works by first parsing the source text using an LFG parser, then it maps the English LFG parse tree into a corresponding Urdu LFG parse tree. It then uses a generation grammar to generate the translated Urdu sentence.

The current release includes a desktop version for Windows, APIs for Linux and Windows, translation system source code (C++), technical documentation and lexicon data.

The system works reasonably well with sentences of up to 8-10 words. Date, time and other numerical formats are not handled.

  System Requirements  
Pentium-compatible CPU
300MHz or above
128MB RAM or more
  Operating Systems:
Language Settings:
Font Settings:
Microsoft Windows XP 2002 Service Pack 1
Urdu language must be installed
Unicode based Open Type Font
  Download (This file has been accessed: times, since 01 September 2010)  
  Windows Desktop Application v0.80 alpha  
  Windows API v0.80 alpha  
  Linux API v0.80 alpha  
  Source Code v0.80 alpha  
  Lexicon Data v0.80 alpha  
  Documentation v0.80 alpha