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CLE is making these linguistic resources available without cost for supporting academic, non-commercial research. The processing fees being charged will be used to maintain these resources. You are requested to contact CLE directly for any discounts (applicable only for selective public organizations in Pakistan) or for commercial licensing options.

  CLE Urdu Digest IOB Tagged Corpus [ Pakistan ] [ International ]
Source: Urdu Digest
CLE Catalog #: CLE17T015
Release Date: 28 February 2017
Data Type: Text
Language(s): Urdu
Distribution: 1 DVD, Web Download
Processing Fee (Pakistan): 15000 PKR
Processing Fee (International): 250 USD
License: Yes
  CLE Urdu Digest IOB Tagged Corpus is a hundred thousand words collection of written Urdu language from a wide range of domains, designed for the purpose of linguistic research and/or the development of language products. Corpus covers a range of subjects including education, health, politics, international affairs, sports, business, humor and literature. CLE Urdu Digest IOB Tagged Corpus is divided into two major categories i.e. Informational (80%) and Imaginative (20%). The Informational part includes texts from letters, interviews, press, religion, sports, culture, entertainment, health and science. The Imaginative part includes texts from short stories and novels, translation of foreign literature and book reviews.
  The corpus is annotated for four types of phrases including Noun, Verb, Post-positional and Prepositional Phrases. The corpus is annotated by using IOB (Inside-outside-beginning) tagging scheme. B- prefix before a tag indicates the start of a chunk/phrase, I- prefix indicates inside of a chunk/phrase and O tag represents out of any chunk/phrase. Each word is annotated with part of speech (POS) and IOB tag separated by a slash (/).
  Data Source
  The data for this corpus construction has been taken from Urdu Digest and it ranges between years 2003-2011. Whereas Urdu Digest is a leading general-interest Urdu magazine, with a history of fifty-five years of publication.
  The data is distributed in 348 UTF-8 files and is arranged according to the above mentioned genres. Each file contains minimum three hundred words.