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CLE is making these linguistic resources available without cost for supporting academic, non-commercial research. The processing fees being charged will be used to maintain these resources. You are requested to contact CLE directly for any discounts (applicable only for selective public organizations in Pakistan) or for commercial licensing options.

  How to Order  


For acquiring linguistic resources, please use the following process:

  1. Browse through the individual pages of each linguistic resource for details

  2. Go to the shopping cart and select the resources you would like to acquire

  3. Go to checkout option using the shopping cart to generate a complete invoice (which you will receive via email)

  4. Contact CLE via email at with the invoice

  5. Upon receipt of invoice, you will be emailed a Licencse document for the linguistics resources being acquired

  6. Request the relevant institutional authority to sign and submit the license to CLE at this address

  7. Once the license is recived and processed, you will be contacted by CLE to issue the payment as per the invoice

  8. After the payment is issued, please email CLE to confirm

  9. As soon as payment is received, CLE will make the relevant resources available for downloading (if data is needed on CD/DVD, extra shipment costs may apply)

  10. Only institutional licenses are currently available. Individual licenses are not available at this time