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  Urdu Word List  
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The word list has 149466 words. About 144000 words have been taken from Urdu Lughat (or generated through these words). The remaining count includes proper names, country names and city names.

Proper names have been extracted from various telephone directories and Urdu websites and include both Urdu names and English names transliterated in Urdu.

List of countries and major cities are limited to those commonly used on the Internet. As they are in English they have been translated in Urdu, with the assistance of دنیا کے تمام ممالک کا انسائیکلوپیڈیا published by علم و عرفان پبلشرز.

The word list is useful for creating Urdu software and applications, including Urdu spelling checker, Urdu word games, etc.

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Urdu Word List