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  English Grammar  

Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP) is pleased to release English grammar analysis for English to Urdu Machine Translation System. The documents contain the description, analysis and examples of the grammar rule and parts of speech used in the grammar.

The work has been supported by the E-Government Directorate, Government of Pakistan through Urdu Localization Project, and is available with this License.

  English POS Documents v1.0  
  English Grammar Documents v1.0  
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  Parts Of Speech  
Adjective Comparative conjunction Multiplier Pronoun
Adverb Correlative Negative Pronoun Genitive
Apostrophe Co-ordinate conjunction Negative determiner Quantifier
Article Demonstrative Noun Subordinate conjunction
Auxiliary Infinitive Marker Ordinal number Verb
Cardinal number Modal verb Preposition  
  Grammar Rules  
ADJP NPgen QUANTP VPimp_pred
ADJ_compP NPmain Rel_Cl VPimp_itrans_trans
ADJPmain NPnoun S VPinf
ADVP NPpro Sdecl VPinfmain
ADVPmain_premod NUMBERP Smain VPpredlink
AuxP PARENP Simp VPpred_main1
AuxPinf POSTDET Sint VPoblig
CompP POSTNOMP S_coord_conjP VP_mtrans
DET PPn VP VP_dtrans
FRACTIONP PPnmain VPact_main  
HelpVP PREDET VPadjunct  
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