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Center of Language Engineering (CLE) is located in the HUAWEI UET Joint Telecom IT center (HUTIC) Building at University of Engineering and Technology UET, Lahore. The center is a spacious 40-seated fully equipped state-of-the-art facility with specialized software for Speech and Language Processing.

The main research areas being covered at the center are Speech, Computational linguistics and Script. It has three labs in compliance with the three main research areas, a library and a seminar room.

  Speech Processing Lab  
Speech processing Lab is dedicated to produce Urdu speech interface for computers. Research is being carried out in phonetics, phonology, text-to-speech synthesis, speech recognition, stochastic pattern matching, voice browsers and related topics. This research will help empower voice enabled interface to computer applications. In addition, there is a special anechoic chamber for high quality speech recordings.
  Computational Linguistics Lab  
Computational Linguistics Lab is dedicated for Urdu language processing applications. These applications include Machine Translation system, Urdu Grammar Checker, Spell Checker and Urdu Lexicon development. The research areas include morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics of Urdu and regional languages.
  Script Processing Lab  

Script Processing Lab is dedicated to research and development in Urdu text. The research is in optical character recognition systems, font development formalisms and development of Naskh and Nastalique fonts. The research areas include image processing, application of rule based systems and stochastic pattern matching.


The Center for Language Engineering(CLE) library is equipped with a wide range of books, as well as the research papers and journals containing latest references and information work in the fields of Speech processing, Computational linguistics and Script processing.

  Seminar room  

It is the place where research teams interact and organize meetings, presentations etc. It has full audio-visual presentation facilities, wireless internet access etc.