Conference on Human Language Technology for Development
(HLTD 2011)


Alexandria, Egypt
02-05 May, 2011



Human Language Technology (HLT) is a growing field of research and development, converging multiple disciplines including computer science, engineering, linguistics, sociology and cognitive sciences, striving to develop a natural, easy and effective user interaction.  HLT, including localization, is particularly relevant for addressing access to information by the disadvantaged communities, including the illiterate, the rural poor, and the physically challenged population, especially in the developing countries. 

The Conference aims to promote interaction among researchers and professionals working on language technology, language computing industry, civil society engaged with deployment of language technology to end-users, and policy makers planning the use of HLT in national development projects.  It aims to provide a single platform to engage these stakeholders in a dialogue over a wide range of relevant issues, to show-case state-of-practice in HLT and its use in development, and to identify needs and priorities of the end-users.  It is hoped that the Conference will highlight HLTD challenges in the developing regions, especially in Asia and Africa.


Second Call for Papers released on February, 15, 2011

First Call for Papers released on November, 2, 2010






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Organizing Committee:

Dr. Adel El Zaim

International Development Research Centre, Middle East Office, Egypt . (chair)

Dr. Ananya Raihan
D.NET, Bangladesh

Mr. Dwayne Bailey
Zuza Software Foundation, South Africa

Dr. Magdy Nagi
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

Ms. Manal Amin
Arabize, Egypt

Ms. Maria Ng Lee Hoon
International Development Research Centre, SE&E Asia Office, Singapore

Dr. Peter Waiganjo Wagacha
Univ. of Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. Ruvan Weerasinghe
Univ. of Colombo School of Computing, Sri Lanka

Dr. Sarmad Hussain
Center for Language Engineering, KICS, Univ. of Engr. and Tech., Pakistan