Conference on Language and Technology 2010 (CLT10)


National Language Authority, Cabinet Division, Islamabad
22-24 October, 2010 Conference Postponed by NLA



Accepted Papers

Paper Title Author(s)
Analyzing the Structure of Urdu NPs with Multiple Genitives Ghulam Raza
Automatic Diacritization for Urdu Abbas Raza, Sarmad Hussain
Developing a Basic Lexical Resource for Urdu Using Hindi WordNet Tafseer Ahmed, Annette Hautli
Evolving Web Corpus Text Powered by Non Text Zaheer Ahmad, Mohammad Abid Khan, Rahman Ali, Ibrar Ahmad Mohammad Amir
Probabilistic Context Free Grammar for Urdu Neelam Mukhtar, Mohammad Abid Khan, Fatima Tuz Zuhra
Study of Noun Phrase in Urdu Aasim Ali, Sarmad Hussain, Kamran Malik, Shahid Siddiq
Supervised Word Sense Disambiguation for Urdu Using Bayesian Asma Naseer, Sarmad Hussain
Towards Sindhi Corpus Construction Mutee U Rahman
Towards Transliteration between Sindhi Scripts by using Roman Script Mehwish Leghari, Mutee U Rahman
Urdu Dependency Parser A Data-Driven approach Wajid Ali, Sarmad Hussain
Urdu Writing Rules for Online Input in PDA’s Fareeha Anwar, S. Afaq Husain